Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Free Music Player for Windows Phone with Real Time Effects

Hi, I'm proud to annunce:

Double Note Music Player

A Real Different Music Player

The main reason of this sofware is REAL TIME AUDIO EFFECTS, like your car radio, and the best of this is to use a Bass Boost Efx!
So with this software, maybe you don't need to buy a beat headphone...

Look at the video for real time effects session.

By the way here are the main features:

  • Features: 
  • Easy to Use
  • Intuitive Play Queue, with Total time of play
  • - Realtime Audio Effects: - 
    • On and Off switch for all effects 
    • Bass Boost (low,medium,high, max) 
    • Stereo Enhancer (low,medium,high, max) 
    • Mono and Stereo mode, for share your Headphones. 
  • Musics are sorted by: 
    • - artists
    •  - albums
    •  - genres
    •  - songs
if you want comment here's the thread on xda-developers